Project Tusk

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18 hours of fast paced Daygame training in the city allegedly containing the country's most beautiful girls. Argentinian women are a wondrous mix of sexy, tanned Italian looks combined with alluringly passionate and fiery personalities. The girls are friendly, very receptive to cold approach and the 'gringo effect' is in full sway. Spanish speaking ability will be helpful.

Suitable for: All levels.

Additional skills needed: Spanish speaking ability is recommended. 

Space is limited to 2 students to 1 instructor so we can provide complete attention to help you accelerate your learning.

Drop me an email for further details on where to stay, how to get there, bootcamp space availability and any other questions you need answering about the course and we can have a chat over SKPE.

NOTE: The price is for Daygame training only. Flights and accommodation are not included.


Wednesday Evening: Pre-Course Brief over casual drinks and plan how to best maximise the forthcoming days for each student.

Thursday Day: 6 hours Daygame with break for lunch.

Friday Day: 6 hours Daygame with break for lunch.

Saturday Day: 6 hours Daygame with break for lunch.

Sunday Morning: Post Course Debrief over brunch and build individual, personalised plans moving forwards (typically we recommend students stay for 3 - 5 days after the training to continue Daygame with the momentum you've previously built and to ensure you have time to do 2nd or 3rd dates with girls.

Post Course: Free whatsapp support with me for a further 6 months to help you as you continue your journey down the rabbit hole ;-).