Brisbane, Australia (City/Beach) Daygame Bootcamp: Wednesday 12th Feb - Tuesday 18 Feb

Brisbane, Australia (City/Beach) Daygame Bootcamp: Wednesday 12th Feb - Tuesday 18 Feb

Project Tusk

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Brisbane is a city renowned for its crazy nightlife, AKA "brisVegas" and some of the best daygame (if not the best) in Australia. For guys looking for hedonistic day and night game experiences, Brisbane is the place for you. The city attracts a myriad of highly excitable and receptive backpackers and party seekers which brings an energetic buzz all year round.

For daygame, the city centre has some of the highest volume of attractive and approachable girls you can find anywhere in the world. On Queen Street (a large open mall) there are numerous coffee shops, kiosks and tourist attractions for those romantic bastards who want to take a girl on a bit of an adventure; perfect for instant dates and day two’s. All in all, Brisbane is a perfect daygame learning location due to the large turnover of people and tourists in town for a good time, not a long time ;-)...

In terms of nightlife, the combination of smoking hot Australian girls mixed with an assortment of receptive backpackers and a multitude of bars and clubs, all located on the same street in fortitude valley, means this opportunities will be plentiful as the sun sets. 

Given the constant tropical weather and energetic vibe, Brisbane has something to offer seven nights a week Come join the Brisbane Boys for one hell of a daygame and nightgame learning experience in 2020.

Suitable for: All skill levels.