Complete WhatsApp Support (1 month Rolling)

Complete WhatsApp Support (1 month Rolling)

Project Tusk

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Complete WhatsApp voice note/ text support on any issue and problem you encounter on your Daygame, Texting & Dating odyssey. In my experience having the 'helping hand' of a guy that who been in exactly the same position as you and has experienced every possible frustration & sticking point and who has come out the other side is invaluable.


  • Complete whatsApp support in text and/or voice note form
  • Quick fix solutions 'in the moment.' Picture scenarios like; you are out daygaming and you spot a smoking hot girl working in a busy store talking to her colleagues and you can't think of how to start the conversation; A girl doesn't respond to your text confirming the date at a certain time that evening - What should you do? You want to take the girl back to yours from a date that is going great but you don't know how ask her...
  • A long term sounding board/ mentor to keep you on track and hold you accountable when you go through the inevitable dips
  • Check in with me on weekly basis as I set you 'homework' for the week based on what you are looking to achieve
  • Leverage my bank of knowledge from approaching, texting and dating hundreds of different women from all corners of the globe over the last half decade