Mr Larrikan

About Me

My journey into self-development started in the same way as many other young guys: a quick google search of those fateful words, “how do I pick up girls”. From that point forward I was catapulted into a world of experiences I couldn’t have dreamed of previously.

I didn’t start as total failure with women but had a couple of long-term relationships and one-nighters in-between. However, I reached a point where I knew that trawling online dating apps and going out and getting wasted in nightclubs with my mates was not a sustainable way moving forward. The discovery of day game was an absolute revelation for me and blew away my preconceived ideas of what you can and can’t do when talking to women during the day. I found this to be way more compatible with my naturally introverted nature where I didn’t have to feel like I was putting on a performance but rather just creating a situation where two complete strangers can connect.

Two years have passed, I’ve now made the move to London from my native Australia and my life has completely changed. I now have complete control over the women I want to attract into my life and rather than waiting around for those opportunities to come to me, I have the knowledge and the skill set to go out and get them.

Moving forward I hope to further develop my understanding through the teaching of others and impart some hard earned lessons of what to expect when just beginning your own journey.

How I Help My Clients

I help my clients develop a style of game that is congruent with their personality and lifestyle to make the process feel as natural and enjoyable as possible. I will challenge your existing and limiting beliefs and open your mind to the realm of possibilities that you are capable of. From the reference experience developed with me along with the correct mindsets, all my clients will have the tools they need to make attracting women of their own standards a consistent part of their life.

My Strengths

  • Meeting women in any situation during the day.
  • Correcting mindsets and identifying character limitations.
  • Dates and dating.
  • Social circle development.
  • Night game structure.  
  • Meditation.
  • Lifestyle development.
  • Health and fitness.