"The Count"

About me:

I grew up as an obese child. I had nobody to guide me in life, so I had to learn how to guide myself, how to read people, how to be socially aware, how to make smart decisions in life. I was always very sociable but didn’t game until I became more mature and I started understanding what is truly important in life. 

I made the same mistake as any other guys living in modern society; I attended the best business universities in Europe, I did lots of sports and lost weight, I joined a multinational corporation and after starting my own business I also became successful. Despite having moderate success with women, I felt like something was still missing. Then I discovered game. That was the piece which brought everything together.

I use all talents and skills I build up in my personal and professional life in helping my students to approach women. With a keen eye for observation, and with a motivational communication style, I help my clients unleash their inner selves. I unplug my students from the “Matrix” and teach them how to reinvent themselves

How I Help My Clients

I adopt the principle of efficiency when approaching women; I believe an alpha male never wastes opportunities.With a clear vision and a strong sense of ethics, I help my students grow to become the best version of themselves.  I train my students in daygame, nightgame and winggame. I help them sort out their inner game problems and show them how to be decisive when texting and dating women. I grow students in becoming real men with a solid foundation for game and in life. 

I am called the so called 'textgame guru' AKA 'Count Textula'. This is so because I have an abnormal way of writing women, which is different to the normal cookie cutter advice. Humorous quotes from my students include:

“Been catching up on the texting and I have to say Tusk wasn’t kidding when he said the Count is a texting guru”, and;

“I have never sent anything like this before…but your explanation makes so much sense”, and;

“I wonder what would happen if The Count bites me… maybe I get the Texting SuperPowers".

For students willing to enter the dating and relationship stage in their lives, I provide them with support and advice from the very beginning in order to build and maintain a stable dating and relationship life. For this, building up a social circle can be quite useful, especially with the right “consigliere” providing good guidance. Social circle game can also be a very strong attraction trigger, if the right prerequisites have been met. 

Finally, I am the 'Ultimate Wingman' of Team Tusk, thus I teach my students one key aspect: the power of teamwork. I teach my students the synergies formed in winggame both during the day and during the night, which can lead to rapid developments, which would have been impossible to be conducted by one person by itself. 

My motto: “No Game No Life”

My Strengths

  • Textgame
  • Inner game 
  • Improved observation and social understanding capabilities
  • Going from approach anxiety to approach necessity
  • Cultivating masculine qualities
  • Synergies of winggame
  • Dating and relationship creation
  • Social circle mastery