Mr Sambo

About Me

I used to be very socially anxious. I would never speak up in groups, and I believed that I was not worthy or good enough for the types of girls I was attracted to. I thought that having social confidence and being good with girls was something you were either born with, or not.

Though nervous, I was always interested in people and the way they communicate. As I grew up, I was always analysing the reactions and body language of those around me to see how they were feeling and better understand their nature.

Though a long and often painful process, I realised the formulaic process of learned game, with its structure, routines and theory, I now realised were all an arbitrary attempt to reconstruct the natural course of an interaction between to people who are truly engaged with one another, and enjoying each other's company.

This revelation became the foundation of my teaching. I view everything I teach through the lense of ‘WHY’, and not simply ‘HOW’ things work the way they do… Learning conversation skills without fully engaging with the individual is like learning that E=MC2 without ever knowing what E, M or C actually are, or how they interact in the real world.

 How I Help My Clients

My students learn how to have genuinely engaging and enjoyable interactions without ever feeling or looking like they are performing a ‘pick-up’, because they simply aren’t. Engaging with women, and people more broadly, from this perspective brings energy and magic to communication, and this is the missing link that differentiates a ‘pick-up artist’ from a confident, abundant, and charismatic communicator.

My Strengths

  • Daygame & Dating.
  • Game lifestyle normalisation.
  • Date structuring.
  • Building an attractive reality.
  • Social circle development.
  • Social skills mastery.