Mr Rice

About Me
Just 3 years ago, I  found myself lonely, depressed and lost. Fresh out of a relationship with his high-school sweetheart, I wasn’t sure where to turn.

Having grown up as a shy Asian kid in Hong Kong, I wasn’t equipped with the confidence or social skills to meet another cute girl… let alone have my dream dating life of living in abundance with high-quality girls.

I came to Australia looking for a fresh start. I had discovered cold approach pick-up; and was looking for a new beginning. Instead, I faced constant rejections and I couldn’t get a single date. Every week brought more failure. Girls would constantly tell me that I "wasn't their type" that they “didn’t date Asian guys” and that they would be “better off as friends”.

But I wasn’t going to quit. After securing world-class mentors, and applying their methods I went on to become one of the fastest “overnight” success stories in the Australian pickup community.

Pretty soon, I had more dates than I could handle. I was pulling some of the hottest girls… girls I thought I, previously, could never get... multiple times per week, and sometimes, multiple times per day. Threesomes, orgies, multiple fuck buddies, same day lays, same night lays…

Girls began to chase me... they would be blowing up my phone to meet, arranging threesomes with me and flying across countries to meet me. Now, girls would constantly tell me that he was their “first ever Asian guy”. And now, many of his original mentors have become his students.

I have travelled the world coaching in different countries in Europe, Australia and Asia, and has spoken to large live audiences.

How I Help My Clients

I teach students how to get a deep mastery of female psychology, and the technical game blueprint necessary to make attraction effortless, and win the dating life of their dreams. I have been through every single sticking point myself and can provide a roadmap to navigate my students through any difficult situation.

I received mentorship from 4 different world renowned mentors, each with their own unique schools of thought. I have since cultivated my own philosophy that is both ruthlessly efficient, yet distinctly natural. Instead of teaching you how to be someone else, I help you find your unique style of game, whilst adhering to proven principles of psychology and attraction.

After several years of coaching, I am now an expert at identifying hidden sticking points and blindspots that students must address before they can get to the next level. I will help you fast track your progress by explaining what the student must fix, which they may not even be aware of, and how to fix it.

My Strengths

Meeting high quality women in the daytime.
Getting solid phone numbers that convert to a date.
Pulling girls home from clubs, bars and nighttime venues.
Same day and same night lays.
Dates and dating.
Advanced level text game.
Inner game.
Step by step, proven technical game blueprint that anyone can learn.