Mr R

About Me

I used to be an extremely introverted guy who would suffer in social situations in any scenario you could think of. Through my school years from my early childhood to my late teens this would remain a viscous personal opposition for me and, to a large extent, prevented me from feeling true happiness and stopped me from living the life I wanted to live… 

That was until I discovered that we shape our own reality and we are essentially the masters of our own destiny. I discovered through thorough self-examination and brutal self-honesty that I was responsible for my own suffering and with that knowledge I discovered a new raw power from within.

The truth is that reality is purely what we perceive it to be and we construct our own. I've always had an interest in psychology and in particular how men and women interact with one another. My former limiting beliefs told me that you were either "good with women" or you weren't. You were either a "player" or a "nobody" but with my newfound power I discovered this simply wasn't the case.

My intensive study of the psychology of men and women and the observation of the social dynamics between the two genders combined with a self-dedication to proactively learning and actively practicing "game" as we know it, led me to see profound positive changes in my life. 

Over the past four years I've come from being a virgin with a porn addiction to being a guy who's had sex with dozens of women across Europe (including threesomes), been on unforgettable dates with incredible girls and experienced deeper love than most ever will. This is all possible with a simple decision for change and a will to succeed.

How I Help My Clients

 My students learn to smash their limiting beliefs and make positive changes in their dating and social lives in an exciting, proactive and engaging way that will remain a part of them forever, through intensive, fun and informative training via theory and infield practice. Work with me and I will help you to craft the life you've always dreamed of and become the man you've always dreamt you could be.

My Strengths

  • Daygame.
  •  Fast escalation night game.
  • Date structuring including same day/night lay.
  • Crafting an "Alpha Male" mind-set.