Mr O

About Me 

I am not the typical zero to hero story you tend to hear about in the dating industry or pickup communities. At risk of sounding arrogant I was received attention from the opposite sex from a young age and enjoyed the fruits of this gift - I guess I would be called a natural. I graduated from university and became a professional model travelling internationally, shooting major fashion brands and mixing with stunning girls and men with high-end social statuses. It was my experience with and the realisation that combining a strong aesthetic image with great social skills and game was the key to reaching heights of success with females which most guys can only dream of. Being a good-looking guy is simply not enough nor is good game. Without a great sense of style, strong image and an understanding of what makes a man high value, high status and cool then we can never fulfil our potential as a 21st century man or with women.

It was at this point I began to work as a dating coach and image consultant. I have since gathered over fifteen years’ experience in the men’s’ advice and self-development industry. I have worked with hundreds of clients, giving on - and off-line advice on fashion, social Skills and confidence. I use my life experience and the skills I have gained through exposure to high-end social circles in the fashion and dating industry to give an insight into the skills and life of a real natural. 

How I Help My Clients

I take a holistic approach to self-improvement. No two people are the same and each needs an approach that reflects his individual requirements.

I will show you how and what to wear to make you a more attractive man. Basically, you are what you wear and if you want to be deemed a cool and attractive guy then your style must reflect this. Create an all-important first impression, which lasts with my fashion styling service. 

I also work as a photographer helping clients to create images that will undoubtedly give them a massive boost in the world of online dating. Not only do I style the garments worn by clients I also shoot the pictures with constant direction and advice on how to get the best poses and facial expressions designed to create images which are guaranteed to generate female attention.

My Strengths

  • Fashion & Image Consultancy.
  • Diet, Nutrition & Fitness.
  • Online Dating & Social Media Expert (Instagram/ Facebook, Tinder, Hinge, Happen & Bumble).
  • Natural Game.
  • Creating A High Value Lifestyle.