Mr Les

About Me

I was never terrible with women, but by no means was I above average. In fact, I was just that, average when it came to women.

8 years ago it was brought to my attention that you could actually develop your skills with women and drastically improve your success.  I jumped into the rabbit hole head first and hit the ground running.

My formal education was in science and business, but my passion was rooted in women. I wanted to find out everything one could about being with the most beautiful women and how to get there, because as much as some of us don’t like to admit it, there are few things more pleasurable than having a girl who turns heads lying naked in your bed while screaming your name.   

I read and studied everything I could get my hands on that involved psychology, body language, male female dynamics, human interaction and seduction. My fascination with how human psychology links to attraction and interaction drives me to continually develop my knowledge and skills in this field. I now have the privilege of living the reality I always wanted while helping others do the same.  

 How I Help My Clients

When I work with clients, I give them a no bullshit approach while helping them truly understand how human attraction works. I’m tired of hearing the politically and socially correct watered down advice that the mainstream advertise, because most of the time, it does not work.

With my clients, I...

  • Help them face their fears and overcome their confidence barriers.
  • Help them understand the process of internal change.
  • Give them the tools to build an attractive lifestyle.
  • Give them the knowledge to be successful with women, and show them the step by step process to successfully employ what they have learnt.

My Strengths

  • Understanding the psychology of deep internal change and integrating this into my coaching methods.
  • Meeting women during the day.
  • Conversational dynamics.
  • Verbal and physical escalation.
  • Fundamentals of seductive communication.