Mr ‘French’ Andy

About Me

Social skills passed me by for the majority of my childhood due to an innate shyness which prevented me from rocking the boat and leaving my comfort zone. Taking risks wasn’t an option. It took me 20 years to get my first girlfriend, and it was an unhealthy and unsatisfying relationship which I didn’t dare leave through fear of waiting a further 20 years for it to happen again. 

Action was needed…

My structured approach to life led me to focus on cultivating myself as a person, intellectually and professionally, before then devoting effort to seduction per se. After studying for three higher education degrees I went on to work as lecturer for several red-brick universities, before being head-hunted to work in the Premier League as French language interpreter thanks to a large part of my childhood spent in France. This experience ran parallel to cultivating my social skills in general, and more particularly my ease with the fairer sex. Running my own business and being surrounded by alpha male role models in my professional life helped me to both consciously and subconsciously take on board the necessary attributes to directly apply to my own life.

After taking action and following intense coaching in London, I moved to Paris where I have lived and run several small businesses for the last three years. My French-language is native level allowing me to attract and date some of the hottest ladies in Paris, understanding the nuances both in terms of culture and the language use for practicing and learning ‘game’ in a foreign tongue. I have a particular weakness for attracting and dating strippers and burlesque dancers. 

My coaching is undertaken in English and/or French. 

How I Help My Clients

In my view, seduction, or ‘game’, is not about a particular time of day, or even context. It is about taking each opportunity as and when it arises, regardless of where you are, how you feel, or who is watching. Seduction should become part of who you are, not simply something you do. This lifestyle change is something I coax into my clients through practical, no-nonsense advice.

 I’ve studied every book and video known to man and learnt theory as a pure geek who believes in knowing everything inside out. Before coaching, I then went out and applied this all to see what really worked and what didn’t – face to face with the harsh reality. My biggest learning came when I realised that proper seduction needs to be coherent to the personality of the individual and cannot simply be generic. This is the core principle that I use by analysing each client to adapt the techniques and principles to ensure that they are congruent to the individual. 

My specialist area lies in creating a deep emotional connection with each person I meet so as to rapidly create comfort and to get the girl to chase you, and not the other way around. 

My Strengths

  • Strip game
  • Emotional connection building
  • Daygame & Nightgame
  • Luxury lifestyle game
  • Approach anxiety management
  • High pressure interactions
  • French and English language coaching