Mr C ‘The Silver Fox’

About Me

I came to the daygame scene a little later in life. I woke late, in an eight-year toxic marriage, to a very feminine Latina. As she hit the wall, her jealousy and fears of infidelity grew exponentially. I took the classic feminine male route and did everything possible to reduce her anxiety and completely shut down in my interactions with women. I finally left the marriage at 40 and went through an extremely contentious divorce and came out the other side near defeat and completely inept at dating. I tried some online apps and had some devastatingly bad first dates. 

My mind is always searching for how to play from my own strengths and that’s when I stumbled across some daygame videos. I took a year off from my business and religiously trained at daygame eight – ten hour shifts, five to six days a week. I can recall the terror at first but I quickly realized that I could utilize my fears to transform me faster. 

Daygame was my therapy to regain my confidence as a man and to get free of my fem-centric thinking. I began studying the history of feminism and the role of masculinity throughout time. I used my newfound obsession with masculinity in my interactions with women and began seeing incredible results. I am not particularly good looking or wealthy but I leverage my strengths well. 99% of males cannot approach women without a reason on the street, in a mall, etc. That immediately puts me in the top 1% ;-)

How I Help My Clients

I began seeing how my daygame training changed not only my dating or sex life but in started to influence all my social interactions; clients in my main business, employees, family, men and women in general. That’s when I became passionate about seeing other men experience the freedom this training offers. My approach is empathetic but relentless; if you want gains you have to accept that you will feel horrible for a short period of time. The first 50 approaches will be tough so I push to get you through them as fast as possible to get onto the more ‘fun’ ones, where you start to see real progress.

 My Strengths 

  • Classic daygame structure and technique.
  • Overcoming approach anxiety.
  • Increasing social value.
  • Developing a masculine mindset (learn how to think properly not just what to say or do).
  • Becoming charming and flirtatious.
  • Befriending your fears and harnessing them for your growth.