Mr B

About Me

I started out as a very shy kid. I remember back at school I couldn’t even talk to random people. I would have to be introduced by a friend and even then it took me time to get to open up and be myself. I felt that I was not worthy and I also cared about what people thought of me so approaching girls during the day was a complete no go. 

I started going to parties and with the help of alcohol I started speaking to more girls but the problem was when I saw the girl sober I just didn’t know what to say.

So this went on for a few years and then all my close mates in Australia started settling down, marriage, kids etc. This made going out and meeting girls even more difficult as I basically had no idea plus I was doing it solo. It was horrible. I knew if I kept doing the same thing I would settle with someone that I wasn’t really attracted to so decided to make a change, book a one way ticket and backpack around the world. I would occasionally get an average girl from a hostel but nothing like the women I wanted. I knew I was lacking something and I knew I had to fix this if I truly wanted to live the life I had visualised. On my journey I started reading self help books and this is when I discovered “game” so with the theory/ some coaching, and taking massive action things started to get exciting. Although it wasn’t an overnight fix and sometimes very frustrating, I learned how to interact better with attractive woman and people in general. 

Fast forward to now and my world has changed, not only am I living in Norway's capital city, Oslo and dating a rotation of beautiful women, but I’m happy and so much more confident in all other areas of my life.

How I Help My Clients

I’m passionate about passing on my knowledge and skills to teach guys how to be confident and interact with attractive women in any situation, there is no limit to this. I want my students to experience what I have but most importantly enjoy the process, whilst dating on there own terms. If I can go from a shy introverted guy, to getting same day lays from cold approach then I believe anyone can if they truly have a desire to learn this and are willing to take action. 

 My Strengths

  • Overcoming approach anxiety.
  • Daygame.
  • Nightgame.
  • Dating.
  • Verbal & physical escalation.
  • Instant dates/ same day lays.
  • Date structuring.
  • Translate game.