The 'Mind Guy'

About Me

I grew up as a sheltered, painfully shy guy who used to go to blush every time a girl spoke to me. I used to go to sleep at night wishing I could be more confident, be less anxious, be able to go up to somebody new and just say something.

I was the guy who was lucky to have a few friends, but never was able to expand outside my social circle, and as they all grew up and became more confident, my world shrank and I was left behind. I didn’t deal with this very well and ended up with some pretty bad habits, often having to drink a bottle of whisky before being comfortable enough to be around people I didn’t know. Needless to say this was not sustainable.

I sought help and got advice from the best in the self-development business. I trained in a new form of change work and therapy which enables massive change in short periods of time and, over the last 8 years and having worked with thousands of people, developed a method of working with people to help them overcome their anxieties, insecurities and think and act in a better, healthier and more fulfilling way.

How I Help My Clients

I believe in a no gimmick approach to self-development. Real improvement comes when people take personal responsibility for their problems and take the necessary actions for change. I help my clients overcome their anxious thinking and negative beliefs before giving them the tools and techniques needed to manage their mind and emotions in the future, to ensure they are fully prepared to handle all the future challenges life may throw at them.

By the end of working with me my clients no longer fear rejection, are able to socialise with confidence and are actively living a better, more fulfilling and attractive life.

My Strengths

  • Eliminating negative beliefs.
  • Managing anxious thinking (including issues with AA).
  • Lifestyle planning.
  • Building and developing confidence.
  • Inner Game Management.
  • Experience working with a number of clients in the dating industry.