My innate curiosity to live my life on my own terms by gallivanting around the globe in search of adventure, adrenaline, hedonism & debauchery and a iron willed desire to help guys see the light do the same led to the creation of Project Tusk in 2018. 

I am passionate about passing on everything I have learnt from travelling the world & picking up girls for the last half decade so my clients can achieve their dream dating lives and so far it has made my decision to quit the corporate rat race in the Big Smoke worth every fucking second...

A perpetual lust for chasing the sun means between the months of September to May I am teaching my clients to meet, seduce and date the hottest women across South, Central & North America. From May to September we head to Europe to chase the creme de la creme of the female form in the lawless badlands of Eastern Europe ;-)