UK & Ireland

***UPDATE 2020***



We created the UK & Ireland International Immersion Daygame & Dating Bootcamps for the busy working man who wants a short break away in the sun spending time meeting and seducing THE hottest girls in some of the world's most spectacular destinations with like minded men. The predominant focus is on programmes running in London, Edinburgh & Dublin.

The Project-Tusk Team teach 'Party Daygame' which is daygame, dating and seduction in places where girls are "on holiday" and are willing to get down and dirty quickly. Some locations are more full on than others; for instance during Rio Carnival the atmosphere and culture allows for extreme physicality and rapid escalation meaning instant make outs and fast lays are common place. Contrastingly, somewhere like Mykonos whilst still being a 'holiday location' is far more relaxed and students will be encouraged to be more verbal than physical during the initial conversations with girls. Whatever you are looking for in terms of your preferred learning environment, there is a bootcamp during 2020 with your name on it; If any advice is needed on which location is right for you then simply shoot us an email and we can set up a call and discuss your best move.

We deliberately time some of the Bootcamps to coincide with local events, festivals or parties for two significant reasons:

1) The atmosphere is electric and a fuck load of fun to be a part of and;

2) there is an influx of hot girls to the location in question and a high ever changing turnover meaning fresh opportunities everyday.

Any stand out local events/ parties/ special national holidays running in the location concurrently to a bootcamp is denoted by ***


Pre-Course Considerations

*Detailed discussion in advance of course booking to match you to your ideal global location depending on your preference of: 
  • Living and training environment (city/beach/festival/party)
  • Weather
  • Type of girls (Looks/cultural differences)
  • Time of year
  • Aims of training
  • Your experience level/ other clients experience level
*Learning style tests and personality type tests to be completed by you in advance of the course, to allow us to determine specific teaching methods to accelerate your progress.


What Do Our Current Clients Say? 

Ash, from the UK, talks about his experience spending a long weekend in Krakow, Poland with the team.

Mr K, a client from Oregon, talks about his experience picking up Colombian girls in the picturesque coastal city of Cartagena under the guidance of the Project Tusk team...

Long term client Ash is back to tell all about his first time in Brazil & his crazy experience during seven days of Rio Carnival madness.


7 Day Immersion Daygame & Daygame Immersion (Typical) Itinerary

Thursday Day: Pre Brief + 2.5 hours Daygame
Thursday Evening: 2.5 hours Daygame

Friday Day: 2.5 hours Daygame 
Friday Evening: 2.5 hours Daygame

Saturday Day: 2.5 hours Daygame
Saturday Evening: 2.5 hours Daygame

Sunday Day: 2.5 hours Daygame
Sunday Evening: 2.5 hours Daygame

Monday Day: 2.5 hours Daygame
Monday Evening: 2.5 hours Daygame

Tuesday Day: 2.5 hours Daygame 
Tuesday Evening: 2.5 hours Daygame

Wednesday Day: 2.5 hours Daygame
Wednesday Evening: 2.5 hours Daygame + Debrief

+The focus is to get clients onto as many dates as possible and we will swap 'daygame' sessions for 'date' sessions (where we listen to and observe the clients on a dates with a girls) where appropriate.

+Whilst we do not focus on 'nightclub game' we can be flexible mixing in 'bar game' sessions if the clients desire.


* The Project-Tusk Team use BOYA BY-WM6 UHF Wireless dual mics to listen to your interactions during your daygame sessions, bargame & dates. This will allow for detailed feedback straight after each interaction, and also in-date advice (over whatsapp/viber).

*All clients encouraged to download ColdApproach App (available on Android/ I-phone) to record their progress for daygame, bargame and dates during the week and continued progress thereafter.


Post Course Follow Up

1 month free follow-up whatsapp/viber mentorship (texting and voicenotes format) from The Project-Tusk Team to ensure you continue your progress into the future post bootcamp.

*Repeat bootcamp customers enjoy a 10% discount on any future bootcamps.