Masculinity Recharge Residential (7 Days - Global)

Masculinity Recharge Residential (7 Days - Global)

Project Tusk

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I created the Masculinity Recharge Residential to allow you (the client) to spend a week with me 1 on 1 learning how to meet, attract, date & seduce beautiful women across the world, in a variety of exotic and dynamic environments.

Dramatic results occur from dramatic changes; we will sit down and plan out a meticulous lifestyle overhaul to put you on the path to becoming the most attractive and high value man you can be. I have a wide ranging team of experts to call on ranging from professional fashion stylists to professional fighters to PT's to nutritionists to voice coaches to night game players and social anxiety experts and everything in between. Having understood your needs, aims and goals we will create a bespoke, tailored and personal programme to get you where you want to go as fast as possible.

If you want to push yourself well out of your comfort zone and rapidly accelerate your dating life whilst spending 1 on 1 time, watching and learning from someone who lives and breathes seducing women around the globe then this course is for you.

Pre-Course Considerations

*Detailed discussion in advance of course booking to match you to your ideal global location depending on your preference of: 

  • Living and training environment (city/beach/festival/party)
  • Weather
  • Type of girls (Looks/cultural differences)
  • Time of year
  • Aims of training

*Learning style tests and personality type tests to be completed by you in advance of the course, to allow us to determine specific teaching methods to accelerate your progress.

Explanation Of Foundational Pillars

*Fitness, Diet & Fashion plan to be discussed in advance of the course and planned into the 7 days free of charge upon agreement with you.

What Do I Get With The Project Tusk Masculinity Recharge Residential?

50 hours of intensive, immersive daygame & dating coaching over 7 days with the TUSK team focussing on:

  • How to approach and attract women - (The Chase)
  • How to create sexual intimacy with women - (The Bang)
  • How to build emotional connection with women - (The Snuggles)


*The TUSK team use BOYA BY-WM6 UHF Wireless dual mics to listen to your interactions during your daygame sessions, bargame & dates. This will allow for detailed feedback straight after each interaction, and also in-date advice (over whatsapp/viber) from TUSK.

*All clients provided with daygame analytics tracking app (free of charge) to record their progress for daygame, bargame and dating during the week and continued progress thereafter.

Post Course Follow Up

    • 3 months of follow-up whatsapp/viber mentorship (texting and voicenotes format) from TUSK to ensure you continue your progress as individuals and as a team into the future post residential.

    This Sounds Good What Next...?

    Drop me an email to arrange a time to chat so that I can answer any questions that you have about the Masculinity Recharge Residential before reserving your spot.