Project Tusk (1 week course)

Project Tusk (1 week course)

Project Tusk

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Dramatic results occur from dramatic changes; we will sit down and plan out a meticulous lifestyle overhaul to put you on the path to becoming the most attractive and high value man you can be. I have a wide ranging team of experts to call on ranging from professional fashion stylists to professional fighters to PT's to nutritionists to voice coaches to night game players and social anxiety experts and everything in between. Having understood your needs, aims and goals we will create a bespoke, tailored and personal programme. Typically the transformation will have to pre booked at least 3 months in advance.

Note: Flights and Accommodation are not included.


BESPOKE Transformation + Intensive, Immersive Daygame and Dating

- 95% infield coaching
- 5% applicable theory
- Pre and post coaching review session
- 6 month follow up WhatsApp support to aid you as you continue your journey