Project-Tusk's ELITE (6 month Programme)

Project-Tusk's ELITE (6 month Programme)

Project Tusk

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The Approach Academy Accelerator Is For You If:

- You are paralysed by fear at the thought of speaking to a woman you find attractive during the day time.

- You let opportunities to meet attractive women pass you by day in, day out.

- You cannot consistently say ‘Hi’ to a woman you find attractive in different daytime situations.

- You want to build a consistent habit approaching women you find attractive as you go about your busy, every day life

- You are frustrated by having no idea what to say when you actually get into conversation with a woman.

- You would like to understand how to flirt with women in different situations and ‘get them interested in you.’

- You would like to ensure you never ‘run out of things to say’ in conversation with an attractive woman.

- You are frustrated by not understanding how to for a woman’s phone number.

- You would like to have more women actually responding to you when you send them a message.


By The End Of TheThe Approach Academy Accelerator You Will Have Learnt To:

+ Built the resilience to start a conversation with women you find attractive in all manner of daytime scenarios ✓

+ Consistently start conversations women in any daytime scenario you can think of ✓

+ Have internalised meeting and attracting women as a congruent habit ✓

+ Have a conversation with a woman you find attractive and understand how to flirt ✓

 + Always have something to say and understand how to take a woman’s phone number ✓

+ Have women responding to your messages after the initial conversation ✓ 

Included In The Approach Academy Accelerator

*Over 20 Hours of exclusive video content delivered to you each week (explaining and demoing) exactly what you need to do.

*Accompanying PDF detailing step by step plan to implement each week. 

*Exclusive Whatsapp group for those undertaking the programme with coaching support to answer your questions providing that much needed externalised accountability. 

*4 x 30 minute 1 on 1 calls with a Project-Tusk coach throughout the programme to track your progress and address any issues or sticking points you may have.

*Access to wings In your city to help provide camaraderie through the process.

*Comprehensive debrief zoom call at end of the course with a tailored plan to allow continuation of accelerated progress.

*Free Access To Project-Tusk’s Approach Academy Accelerator Whatsapp support group.

This Sounds Good, What Next?

Drop an email to to arrange a time to chat so that we can answer any questions that you have about the Approach Academy Accelerator before reserving your spot.