Global Masculinity Mentoring (Month By Month)

Global Masculinity Mentoring (Month By Month)

Project Tusk

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 At Project - Tusk we believe the 21st century modern man should emphasize and embrace development of particular traits and/ or behaviours to maximise his opportunity to a live happy, successful and fulfilling life during the short time he exists on planet earth. In our experience having the 'helping hand' of a mentor/ coach that can offer external accountability is invaluable in ensuring rapid progress for the client.

We offer ‘masculinity mentoring’ covering the following key areas;

 1. The 'Self' Development

- Self esteem

- Self acceptance

- Self love

- Self responsibility

- Living with purpose/ mission

- Self assertiveness

- Integrity / self standards

- Self discipline


 2. Masculine Trait Development

- Leadership

- Decisiveness

- Ambition

- Conviction

- Resilience/ Grit/ Fearlessness/ Mental toughness

- Social freedom

- The ‘immoveables’ (Fixed personal daily habits/ routines/ systems)

- Time Valuation


 3. Attraction Reality Creation

- Lifestyle design

- Language learning

- Travel

- Passions/ hobbies


4. Physical Self-Investment

- Gym/ exercise

- Sport 

- Diet

- Fighting


5. Mental Self-Investment

- Self-education

- Mindfulness/ meditation

- Reframing


6. Dating & Relationships

- Day game

- Bar game/ Night game

- Texting

- Dates/ dating

- Relationship management


How It Works

The client begins by analysing the list above and through discussion on a phone call with us he identifies between 3 – 5 of the most pressing and prevalent criteria to work on. He then grades the aforementioned areas from 0 (non existent) to 10 (superhuman) and with the support of Project-Tusk Team and through a combination of theoretical support and actionable steps we strive to rapidly improve these areas over the course of several months.

Once both sides are satisfied that suitable improvement has been achieved in the previously selected area, we move on to subsequent areas to work on.

Includes Per Week

1 × 45 minute Daygame focussed phone call per week to plan out the action points for the client to take during the forthcoming week (usually done on a Sunday in preparation for start of new week) for the daygame & dating support.

1 x 45 minute Inner game focused call

1 x 60 minute Monthly Review phone call (at end of each month) to recap on progress achieved.

Continuous Whatsapp text and voice note support to ensure complete accountability for the client.