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Whether you've never been on a date with a girl or you're dating multiple girls a week, we can help you improve your game, effectively and with minimal fuss.

The Project-Tusk Team live and breathe ‘Daygame’ -  The (learnt) skill of meeting and seducing girls in any non club or bar environment.This could mean a girl walking along the high street, sitting in a coffee shop or whatever day time environment you can think of.

Why Learn Daygame?

>>> Elimination of reliance on social media dating apps, online dating or having to go to bars and nightclubs hunting for girls on the weekend.

>>> The most time efficient way to meet hot girls (We typically speak to around 30 new girls a week, taking around 6 hours. In a week of a 168 hours that still leaves 162 hours to allow us to get on with other things).

>>> The cheapest option for meeting women (once you have learnt the skill set it is free - no more paying entry fees at clubs or bars or online).

>>> Date your way round the globe like a boss. The Project-Tusk Team travel all over the globe to countries with the most beautiful girls - think places like Russia, Ukraine, Brazil and Colombia. Knowing we can touch down in a foreign country on our own, and with some concerted effort, meet and date hot local women in a short space of time is empowering as fuck.

>>> Become the best version of yourself. Speaking to (and hitting on) high calibre women whilst you are stone cold sober and in broad daylight is most guys' biggest fear. Once you master this, this new found confidence and desire to smash your comfort zones will impact other areas of your life.

What Do Our Current Clients Say? 

Bhav a previously introverted, 20 year old Indian guy with zero experience with the opposite sex launches reviews his experience after spending 3 months learning daygame and dating with Project - Tusk team.

Watch as Alex reviews his journey over 7 days from shy, retiring virgin to confident, outgoing playboy as he undertakes Project-Tusk's flagship bespoke 'Masculinity Recharge' transformation programme in London.


What Does This Mean For You?

There are 4 stages to mastering Daygame: 

1. Daygame (chatting up hot girls in any non club or bar environment)

2. Texting (to get the girl out on a date)

3. Dating (taking the girl home)

4. Relationship maintenance (ranging from seeing one girl exclusively to dating multiple girls non exclusively)

We will work together on multiple levels:

(i) We map out, plan and goal set a bespoke plan towards creating the best possible version of you, increasing your 'market value' to girls. How on earth do think you're going to date a Swedish cat walk model if you're unemployed, dress like shit and are overweight?! I provide objective advice that may at times come across as blunt and (brutally) honest. This can range from addressing self esteem issues to smashing your limiting beliefs to fixing your fashion and everything in between. We have a wide selection of experts across a range of industries to call on, if and when they are needed.

(ii) We teach you daygame (the daygame itself, the texting, the dating and relationship maintenance) by giving you the structures and the tools to become self sufficient as quickly as possible. We go out onto the streets together, you watch us and then you do it yourself. The only way to get good at speaking to hot women is guess what...speaking to hot women. 

 What Do We Expect From You?

Our coaching isn't for everyone; We push the guys we work with to be the best versions of themselves - this requires of combination of massive doses of action combined with deep, raw introspection.

The ideal Project-Tusk client is single minded, determined and able to take constructive feedback. Most importantly, the ideal client wants to change their life and wants to put in the effort for themselves. Think of it as a significant, life changing self investment. There is no quick fix line or routine that will make any girl wet or make that fashion model fall in love with you. Seriously hard work is required but If you are willing to do this then we will get you to where you want to go and your results will speak for themselves.

Why Listen To Us?

As well as teaching for a number of the large dating companies in London, The TUSK Team live the 'Global nomadic daygame & dating lifestyle' week in, week out. Check out the Project-Tusk youtube channel - search 'James Tusk' - everything you could possibly need to teach yourself is on there, free of charge.  

With a combined daygame & dating experience of over 40 years, the TUSK team have made and learnt from every possible mistake under the sun; been there, done that. Expedite your learning curve by leveraging our knowledge and in the process save yourself your stress, money and your most valuable commodity: Time. 

This Sounds Good What Next?

The next stage would be you checking out the options below depending on your budget. If there isn't a product option below that suits you, get in touch and we can sit down and hash out a tailor made plan purely designed for your personal needs, objectives and goals with meeting and dating women. We then arrange to have a chat on the phone, we will send you a detailed form to fill in and we agree on a date available for both of us to begin the training.

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