What Value As A Man Do You Bring To The Girl? (Daygame Tips)

What Value As A Man Do You Bring To The Girl?

Work on your inherent value as a man. What are your finances like? How many languages do you speak? What are your interests/ passions outside of girls? What goals do you have? How well do you understand social dynamics - ie. game? These all contribute to your inherent 'sexual market value' as a man.

You can have the best lines and street game in the world but if you are a 'straw' man with no actual value the girl will see straight through it.

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I firmly believe 'day game' is the most genuine and authentic way to meet girls - Whether you see the girl of your dreams walking along the street, working in a store, eating in a restaurant or really whatever situation you can think of, I've been there and I'm here to help you master the situation from the initial conversation, to taking her phone number and the subsequent dating.

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