Learn To Meet & Date Girls In A Direct, Authentic & Masculine Manner


- James Tusk: Rio/Brazil

- Mr. C 'Silver Fox': Colombia

- Mr. B: Oslo/Norway 

- Mr. Les: London/UK

- Mr. Sambo: Rio/Brazil

- Mr. 'French' Andy: Paris/France 

- Mr R: Dublin/Ireland

- Mr T: Medellin/Colombia

- Brisbane Boys: Brisbane/Aus

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We believe the modern man has lost his balls and the ability to go after what he wants. Project-Tusk was created to help men rediscover what it means to be a red blooded male by helping our clients meet and date girls without relying on social media dating apps or having to go out to bars & nightclubs and get drunk. This is called 'Daygame'.

We believe as a pre requisite to taking himself seriously and living in an attractive masculine reality, the 21st Century Modern man must, as a bare minimum, be able to communicate with the the fairer sex in a direct, authentic and expressive way. 

We exist to take you all the way from the initially meeting a girl you find attractive in a variety of 'normal life' scenarios (Daygame) through to arranging a date with her (Texting) to seducing her (Dating) and then building an exclusive or non exclusive relationships (Relationship Management).

The key equation you need apply every day, every week, every month & every year is:

 Continuous, cumulative self investment/improvement + Incremental stretching of your comfort zone + consistent interaction with women you find attractive = boss level success with your life as a man and a dream dating life on your own terms.

What Clients Say About James Tusk

One of the best day game coaches in the world. I strongly recommend watching everything he is putting out and, if possible, take some private coaching lessons. Worth every minute and penny.

Dekin O'Sullivan - Geneva

You will get excellent coaching from the man in charge here. He will push you and make you better. I'm very happy I crossed paths with James.

Don Ramiro - Chicago

James has good vibe, tells it like it is, has no ego, and if you have an open mind, are prepared to listen, and put yourself out there, improvements will be seen. I'd consider his main attributes to be a lack of ego/arrogance an the ability to deliver constructive advice, in a way that builds you up rather than knocks you down.

Paul Beach - Gloucester, UK

James is the man. A down to earth guy who has serious skills and balls of steel! Makes it look easy and really makes you raise your game.

Kai Wallace - Allen - UK

This gent is fearless - he will grab you by the balls and make you into a proper man! Be prepared to have someone unleash your inner beast.

Carlos Souza - Portugal

Got my first lay thanks to this man. He's fun, caring, goal oriented, understanding and I definitely recommend him as a coach.

Alex Mosto - Germany

I completed the 5 hours coaching session with James. It was amazing how easily he explained complicated concepts. For me it was the best investment of my life and I can assure you, he is willing to you help a lot, until you reach your goal!

Francesco Desiderio - Italy

Project Tusk is awesome and something a lot of people can benefit from.

Alejandro Gonzalez - Mexico City

Not only one of the best in what he does, but one of the nicest guys to get along with. Understanding, Supportive, and has great contacts who may help in other areas. James provides a great service, and feels more of a friend now. Supportive during and after. In an industry that has not a great name, James excels in the services he offers.

Steve Potts - UK

"Men are not prisoners of fate but only of their own minds..."